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Receiving a Product for Repair

Our Electronics Repair Shop Software revolutionizes the process of receiving products for repair. By digitizing the intake process, it minimizes manual paperwork and the likelihood of errors. This feature simplifies the task of creating repair tickets and assigning them to your team.

It Offers:

Hassle-free logging of incoming repair jobs.
Immediate generation of repair tickets for clear task allocation.
Streamlined process to minimize errors and improve efficiency.

Ready to transform your intake process?


Repair Status Management

The key to efficient operations lies in having a seamless repair status management system. Our Electric Repair Shop Software provides real-time updates, maintaining transparency and keeping everyone on the same page.

It Offers:

Live tracking of repair progress.
Full transparency ensuring both your team and customers stay informed.
Enhanced workflow organization boosting productivity.

Want better oversight over your repair jobs?


Update Customer via Email

We understand the importance of effective communication in a repair business. Our Repair Shop App sends automated email notifications about the progress of repairs, keeping your customers informed and satisfied.

It Offers:

Automated email updates about repair statuses.
Regular communication to maintain customer satisfaction.
Stronger customer relationships through improved communication.
Interested in boosting customer satisfaction with regular updates?

Printing a Patch Sticker to Stick on the Product

Organization is pivotal in a repair shop. Our Repair Shop Application enables the printing of patch stickers for each product, ensuring easy tracking and reducing the risk of mix-ups.

It Offers:

Easy printing of identifying stickers for each product.
Reduction of mix-ups, making each product easily identifiable.
Enhanced tracking and product retrieval.
Ready to streamline your repair shop operations?

Client Management

Effective client management leads to a successful repair business. Our Electronics Repair Shop Software allows you to maintain detailed client profiles and track the repair history of each client, enabling personalized service.

It Offers:

Comprehensive client profiles with their repair history.
Tailored service through personalized client information.
Improved client relationship management.
Want to take your client management to new heights?

User’s Management

Smooth operations require excellent user management. Our Electric Repair Shop Software offers the setup of different user roles and permissions, allowing you to monitor staff performance and foster a culture of accountability.

It Offers:

Setting up of different user roles and permissions for better control.
Tracking of activity and performance of your team members.
Improved accountability and productivity.
Looking to enhance team management in your repair shop?
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